CDC Telebriefing

The CDC held a telebriefing Friday where many journalist were invited to ask questions of representatives from the CDC, FDA and State of Illinois’ chief medical officer.  The CDC update included a copy of the half hour news brief in addition to a full audio link (both links provided below).

The goal of this briefing was to let the public know the CDC is working hard to understand the characteristics and severity of the pulmonary illness among 193 people in 22 states.  Collaborating with the CDC, the FDA will provide technical and laboratory support on products and substances collected by investigators. Admittedly, the FDA does not have any information to share at this point.

Thus far no facts to the origin of the illness are known either; however, many journalists questioned the extent THC and/or Spice (synthetic THC) played in each these cases. The only points revealed is the median age of the people affected is 23 and that most were male.

In Manchester, England authorities are dealing with a similar circumstance where nine people have been taken to the hospital for pulmonary issues. In all these instances, investigators have already made a determination that street level Spice is responsible for the problems affecting youth there.   

You can follow the links provided below to read the update on its entirety.


Steven Challinger