Tips on Buying Small Vape Device



Small devices are growing in popularity. Perhaps a small device is what you want too. Here are some tips to help you evaluate to see if a small device is right for you.

First, small devices grew out of demand as two and three battery devices grew too large. As well, it was through the smaller devices we got nicotine salts (synthesized nicotine).

Many people consider a smaller device for work. They're compact and easily hide away. However small devices have limitations with today's technology. Small devices come with small batteries which mean you may need two to get you through the day. Hopefully one day newer technology will give us small, longer lasting batteries.

In order to make a smaller battery last throughout the day, coils have to be weaker (use less voltage) and nicotine has to be stronger (requires fewer hits). Most 0.6ohm coils used to be powerful and airy. Today's smaller 0.6ohm coils function to give us a mouth-to-lung hit. They're not as airy, but allow us to use traditional e-liquid in a smaller device. People most often use smaller devices with nic salt e-liquid. The 1.2 or 1.4ohm coils help lessen the throat burn from stronger, 50mg or 25mg nic salt e-liquid.

Lastly, when making a small device purchase be sure to stick with familiar brands, not generic. Finding replacement coils/PODS can be a problem. We carry coils for all our products. Selections change often so come see what's new and get great advice.