Does Vaping Cause Popcorn Lung Disease?

As a retailer I continue to get this question. Even when I socialize people want to argue the validity of vaping safety. What bothers me most is how the media has allowed a distortion of scientific data to make people question if vaping is safer than smoking. It haunts my soul to believe anyone living in today’s technology would think vaping is as harmful, or worse, more harmful than smoking.


Popcorn lung disease made its debut in 2015 when the industry saw more smokers switching to vaping. Understandably the public needed assurance that vaping was safe. But to publish information that was not true made a vast majority of people rethink if vaping was safe. Since the release of the Harvard Study we now know how scientific data was stretched to have the public believe that popcorn lung disease will kill.


Attached is a brief article that states the truth about popcorn lung disease. Dr. Michael Siegel, a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston School of Public Health, points to the truth behind the real data. Amazingly his report adds the concentration of diacetyls, which causes popcorn lung disease, found to be in some e-liquids is far less than what is actually found in tobacco cigarettes.  By comparison, only 9 micrograms of diacetyls in e-liquid was found compared to 6,718 micrograms found in tobacco. That’s a whopping 750 times more diacetyls in tobacco cigarettes than in e-liquid. I always tell people, “If nobody has acquired popcorn lung disease from smoking cigarettes, then how in the world will they get it from vaping?”


The takeaway I want people to acknowledge is to question everything you read and everything you hear in the media, especially regarding vaping. We are constantly hammered by lobbyists, special interest groups, big tobacco, and big pharma who wish nothing but to see you ill-informed, smoking and unhealthy. The reality is that vaping is under the auspice of the FDA where public interest is taken to heart. The one interest at the top of the FDA list currently is the strength of synthetic nicotine found in the Juul product and how to keep it out of the hands of youth. Please do your part and discourage young children from smoking and vaping. It is our duty to protect the development of young minds that will grow into adults who can sniff out runaway media and illegitimate scientific data.